Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Werewolf Romance Collection! Happy Holidays to all werewolf lovers!

In honor of all the new Kindle and Nook owners, and just in honor of the holidays in general, I've bundled up most of my werewolf stories into one book.

Right now it's on sale at All Romance Ebooks for 35% off.

You can get it here:

Or if your in the mood to listen to something hot. Here's Werewolf Sex Club in audio format.

It will soon be on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Happy Holidays everyone! Right now I'm trying not to get distracted by some of the new things I've gotten. This is one of the best times to be a writer, January, and I need to focus on delivering.

Thanks so much, and keep in mind I'm still looking for beta readers. Send me an email at just saying that you'd like to be one and if you have a Nook or a Kindle.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Looking for Beta Readers

I'm looking for beta readers to read my work before or after I publish them in order to get more of a feel for what readers want. If you'd like to help me out with editing or with suggestions on the story please email me at

You'll get the stories for free too!

What to Read First? My Suggestions

I have a big catalog and I've been publishing everything I've written since 2011, so here's my suggestions on what I feel is the best. Of course, it all depends on what your kinks are when choosing, so feel free to ignore me :)

Sci Fi Erotic Romance - Start with Alien Bred and Claimed. The next in the series will be my longest and hopefully best work yet.

Paranormal - Hunted (Untamed), Billionaire and the Beast (Sharing Abby), and Werewolf Sex Club. I feel like these three are all solid works that deal with sexy alpha werewolves.

Regular Erotica - 20 Erotic Stories, My Master Damon, and Forced to Strip.

Audiobooks: Werewolf Sex Club, Bred to the Alien.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Billionaire and the Beast - Free 12/24 !

Getting in on the Holiday rush!

You can pick up my new book, The Billionaire and the Beast, for free on Amazon on 12/24.

Thanks for checking out my work everyone. If you like it, feel free to leave a review or reply here telling me if I should write a sequel. I have something in mind where the story could go.

Here's the blurb. Enjoy!

Oh yes, and this is only enrolled in Amazon at the moment because I'm taking advantage of Amazon Select, which is why I get the free days as well :)

Abby has an assignment to interview the eccentric, elusive billionaire, Mr. Blackwell. She’s a veteran at reporting, never to be outdone, until she uncovers a mystery in the billionaire’s mansion. His handsome butler is a werewolf. And Blackwell? He has a penchant for bondage.

The combination is a dangerous threat to her vow of celibacy. Once Mr. Blackwell finds her wandering around his mansion, he ties her up in his secret dungeon, where she admits she likes being bound and at his will.

This short, erotic romance (16,000 words) involves a dominating billionaire, bondage, submission, and a handsome butler hiding a sexy, primal secret.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hunted Now Available - Hot Alpha Beast Making Sweet Primal Love

Now available on Amazon and BN.

This one is mixed mystery with romance. It's more erotic romance based than earlier work. If you noticed I'm heading in that direction. This one continues with that. One thing I'll say about writing this is that I feel like I hit the right ratio of love making and mystery scenes.

Sometimes I can get too lost in the story over the sex, but this time, I think I nailed it. It's important for romance writers not to lose track of what romance readers look for in their books in the first place.

Here's an excerpt: Enjoy!

There’s something in the woods, and it wants Lynn.

She can’t sleep without having wild dreams of sex. It’s not like her at all. She’s a responsible, driven accountant with a good, secure job. When the dreams continue, leaving Lynn hot, bothered, and even more confused, her only option is to follow clues that lead her closer to the beast.

Now Lynn needs to find the truth hidden in the small woodland town. What is the monster? Why does it want her so badly?

Lynn already thinks she knows the answer to the last question. The monster wants her for sex. That much is clear. But why her? And just how far will it go?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Claimed (Taken by the K' Turi) Now Available!

Or purchase it from B&N here.

I'm pleased to announce that Claimed, the next installment in the Taken by the K' Turi series is now available! It also happens to be one of my longest stories yet :) It clocks in at around 30,000 words. That's pretty good for an erotic romance. I've been working on this mainly this month. Look forward to more as the holiday season rolls around. I'll be gearing up to satisfy all those who will be getting Kindle and Nooks this holiday season. I hope you enjoy this title. I think it's my best work yet. It just keeps getting better. Thanks everyone!

"Not in class. Anywhere but in class.

Rae crossed her legs, fidgeting in her seat. She pressed her standard black skirt, the same as everyone else's, but it was already perfect.

The warmth, the neediness, crossed her thighs, and she succumbed, losing the fight once again."

Rae, innocent college student, has a problem. She can't stop her arousal. It's quite unusual, since she always has everything in check. It gets worse, much worse, when she runs into the woods, called there by a mysterious, dominating force from her dreams.

There she finds Vex, a powerful K' Turi who has put the spell on her. He's on a mission to take a human female. The only problem? The K' Turi government outlaws all contact with humans, and Vex and his crew are breaking the law. They government will need to clean up what he's done, so they send an assassin to do it.

After Rae is taken, her life is put in danger, and the only ones who can save her are the K' Turi who have claimed her as their own.

This fantasy / erotic romance novella involves an innocent girl falling in love with two aliens, an action packed story, and steamy love scenes. Second part of the Taken by the K' Turi series. Can be read as a stand alone story.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alien Bred...Alien Trilogy In Progress!

I'm happy to announce I'm working on a new sci fi romance trilogy. This time, I'm shooting for an even higher goal. Looking forward to getting this out to everyone. By the time it's done, it will be novel length. I'm moving onto much longer work.

Hopefully this alien romance series will stick and I can continue writing in the sci fi/romance genre. It's been a lot of fun so far.

The first in the series: Alien Bred (Taken by the K' Turi) is already available on Amazon and B&N.

I'm working hard on the next installment.

Or get it from BN here: